How Do I Place An Order?

Placing an order is very simple. Just send us an email of the photos you’d like worked on and we will get back right away of a breakdown on getting started with your project.

What Is Your Turnaround Time?

This all depends on the size and difficulty of the project. Once we understand how many rooms you’d like worked on and the scale, we can better give you a time frame.

Do You Have A Phone Number?

Yes! Our number is 1-800-256-5790. But, we are mostly working on projects & are not able to answer the phone much. The best way of contact is by email at If you’d like to set up a phone call, send us an email for a time you are available and we can set that up!

Do You Have A Minimum For Photo Quality?

The simple answer is no. We send you back whatever quality photo you send us. But, we DO recommend sending us the best quality photo you can. Higher quality photos will always end up with better results.

Do I Need To Supply A Floor Plan?

No. We do ask that if you have a floor-plan, send it to us. It will always help if we have a floor-plan to see what is behind and in unseen areas of the photos.

Am I Allowed To Make Changes?

We will give you a breakdown when you contact us about your order to show you WILL be allowed to make changes during the ordering process. We give specifics and when and how to make changes while we are working on your order.

Can I Ask For A Refund?

Each order we work on is being built from the ground up because we have to specifically pick out furniture for that order and then implement the chosen furniture into your photos. Each job we work on is different, and for that, each one is built completely from scratch. Unfortunately, due to this, we cannot accept a request for a refund and all sales are final, once they are made. If there are notes we did not follow we will do our best to make this right for you. We always want you to feel confident in ordering from our company and that is why we have many examples on our site to show the quality of work we do and what you would receive in placing an order with us.