Furniture Replacement

Here, we give you a quick breakdown of what Furniture Replacement can accomplish with the removal of existing furniture and then the addition of our virtual furniture.

Virtual Staging & Rendering Group is committed to giving you the highest possible quality of digital design & virtual staging you can find on the internet today.

How Furniture Replacement Can Help You:

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Creating a refreshed look:  Furniture replacement will help showcase your current room with new furniture to help envision a new space.

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Ease Of Use

Allows you to have the flexibility to show off the potential of an already filled space and how it can look if staged correctly.

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Saving you money on traditional staging: Furniture Replacement reduces the expenses associated with traditional staging.

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Improving your sales: Staged & Re-staged listing images increase buyer interest and sale speed. This allows for more potential sales on your property.

4 Main Reasons

Why You Should Choose Furniture Replacement For Your Project



Ability to show where furniture may fit in the space.



Able to give a true look and feel of how the space will look once completed.


Beautiful Design

Give a high end look to the property you are trying to show off.


Ease of use

Quicker and easier to show how a space will be compared to a 2D sketch.