In 2021, We Virtually Staged Over 500 Properties In New York

Today’s New York real estate buyers are more demanding than ever and it’s harder and harder to grab—and keep—their attention. Virtual staging isn’t decorating, it’s marketing.

The luxury virtual staging process begins, like any other marketing plan, with a clear understanding of the target audience. Our team then crafts a creative design that enhances the property’s best attributes, minimizes any flaws, and inspires buyers. The result: high visibility, higher traffic, and faster, more profitable sales.

At Virtual Staging & Rendering Group, our design professionals have mastered the art of New York style; we know what the New York market expects. That’s why we’re breaking records left and right; we staged over 500 properties (over $100MM in property value) in New York in 2021 and 2022 is going to be even bigger!

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Virtual Staging
Art By New York Artist: Daniel Maltzman
Virtual Staging & 3D Rendering

Reasons Why Virtual Staging Will Help Sell Your Listing:

Realistic Quality Will Get Clicks:

Quality of the furniture and design elements. We have an extensive image inventory of high-end, sophisticated furniture and accessories to fit a variety of discriminating design aesthetics.

Improved Visualization:

Virtual staging in New York helps potential buyers visualize the possibilities of a space and gives them a better feel for size and scope.

Fast Turnaround - Saves you time and money:

Quick turnaround will help get your property listed efficiently and effectively. This will save you a lot of time and money compared to actual staging.

Enhanced Web Presence:

Virtual home staging services help enhance your web presence. Beautiful images attract buyers to your site.

Some home buyers lack imagination and patience:

They only know what they see, and they really only look for a second or two. That’s why the first impression is so critical. The key to a fast, profitable sale is the ability to capture the attention of the buyer in the blink of an eye and that is what we are capable of at Virtual Staging & Rendering Group
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