Virtual SRG

Virtual SRG is the premier interior design firm for Virtual Staging for your property. Using the most realistic virtual staging for interiors you will find.

If you are looking to promote your high end listing or you have a property that needs the best attention to detail, we at Virtual SRG are the ones you want working on your project.

Luxurious Interior Design

Virtual SRG has a huge importance in showing of the empty or filled space’s potential to potential buyers or renters. That means virtual staging can offer a beneficial service for realtors and brokers alike to help visualize the spaces potential.

Virtual staging assists you in putting forth powerful images that help people to know what’s possible in a given space and the value should always be considered and never underestimated.

Unmatched Quality

VirtualSRG has created, high end, projects for over $100 million in property value. The reason we & our virtual staging services are growing at such quick rate is the quality of furniture, our turn-around time, and our service.

We have created an amazing, virtual staging & 3d rendering, system that allows for our real estate agents and business developers to get an amazing service for a great cost.

Realistic Virtual Design

We Have The Ability to create the most realistic version of virtual staging that you have seen. We implement real life quality furniture into your photos to have a realistic effect compared to others.

We also have true designers on hand to focus on the smallest details of your photos that will show true care in the staging of your property compared to other generic virtual staging companies.

Virtual SRG Services:


Virtual Staging:

We implement luxury virtual furniture to give a you an idea on how an empty space could look. Virtual staging helps give an idea on the potential of an empty room and what would fit into that space.

Find out more info about our virtual staging here – Virtual Staging Info


Furniture Replacement:

We can replace any current furniture in the photo you want worked on with our own virtual furniture. This will help give the potential buyer an idea on how the space would look.

Check out some of our examples here – Furniture Replacement Examples

Our Services

Virtual Renovation:

If a kitchen needs to be remolded or a floor needs to be redone, this is your best option. We have the ability to make or change anything within the property to show off how it will look.




3D Renderings:

We have the ability to make a 3D rendering based off of any sketch, blueprint, or floor plan. Real estate renderings are also a huge proponent in allowing you to show off your potential space in a great way.

Find out more info here – 3D Rendering Info

3d floor plan
Our Services

3D Floor Plans:

We can create a luxurious 3D design based off of a simple drawing, 2D sketch, or mock up of a potential space. This is an amazing way to show off a pre-built area for potential renters or buyers.

Find out more info about our 3D Floor Plans here – 3D Floor Plan Information



Photo Editing:

Any simple photo editing of changing the exterior sky or updating the color of cabinets is something we can quickly accomplish at a low price.

Let us know if you have any small photo editing needs here – Contact Us




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